Unity is strength

Welcome to the HandiStea platform.

The HandiStea people community is there, you are no longer alone in front of your handicap and / or your illness.
HandiStea keeps you connected on the latest innovations in the field of disability, medical and medico-social.
The solidarity social network will answer via the HandiStea people to all your questions. You become yourself an actor by sharing your experiences, your advice and why not your dreams !!!


Déambulation musicale 15h – 16h

Final au Restaurant  16h – 17h

Adresse : Le Clos de Saint Victor – Tours 37300

The major humanitarian challenges

A primary social network
for ethical development
socially responsible.

Ensure listening and discussion time for all on different communication modes
Matching potentials and talents
Establish a free support network for the development of individuals, associations, institutions and businesses. To promote social ties, accessibility and inclusion.

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  • PGoal
  • Offrir un accueil adapté aux personnes en situation de handicap ou atteintes de maladie via la médiation artistique et culturelle. Accompagner les personnes à la formation professionnelle.
  • Interest
  • Servir le développement de la société et l’épanouissement de l’individu au niveau professionnel et privé.
  • Targets
  • Ouvert a tous.
  • Companies
  • Partenariat dans le secteur privé et collaboration avec les collectivités locales.

Millions of people with disabilities in the worldwide

Millions of disabled people in France


HandiStea is a virtual platform on the Internet specialized in researching the range of services. This is for people with disabilities, family carers, associations, and people affected by the disease from near or far ...

We disseminate information, advice for mutual aid via the social solidarity network.
Se déplacer via Lpliz.
Virtual catalogs of adapted stays and many others.
Allow a symmetry of information between professionals in the tourism sector and people looking for adapted stays.

Nos Partenaires

  • Communication
  • Training
  • Médiation artistique et culturelle